Maker Pipe is a simple, affordable, easy-to use system of connectors that pairs with inexpensive electrical conduit you can find at any hardware store.

The result is a building platform with endless possibilities!

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There's a so called rule that says,

"Cheap, Fast, and Good.  Pick two." 

Maker Pipe gives you all three.



Maker Pipe uses 3/4" EMT metal conduit to provide strength and rigidity.  Best of all it is really cheap and readily available at your local hardware store.  It also can be recycled from one project to the next. 



Highly adaptable, Maker Pipe allows you to make your designs quickly.  Our connectors join pipe in a number of different ways with only a 5mm hex wrench.



  The Maker Pipe connectors, combined with metal conduit, create strong and rigid structures.  Our pipe wrap let's you express yourself with color.


These Maker Pipe parts, combined with electrical conduit,

All Parts.jpg

make these connections.

Allowing you to make...

Imagine the possibilities...



Have you have ever built something custom, that truly meets your needs or has allowed you to express your creativity?  It's an awesome accomplishment and whether you did that yesterday or a while back, that feeling is hard to forget.  Maybe you even shared that special moment with someone you care about... those memories endure.  That's why we are so passionate about putting Maker Pipe in everyone's hands.  We want more people to feel that sense of accomplishment and experience those special moments with others.  It can be life changing at the individual level, maybe even a movement if more of us are enabled to make.

We would love to see Maker Pipe fulfill that dream and grow into an expansive building system with an enthusiastic community.  We are passionate about making the connectors available so that everyone has a better way to build, create, and see their dreams become reality.  We love the creativity and passion that the Maker community has and would be honored to see Maker Pipe be a part of that.  In addition to the connectors we plan to produce all kinds of additional goodies to help people be creative with conduit.  We see the need for many different connectors and accessories to really unleash the power of Maker Pipe.  We can also see a day where we create connectors for different size conduit and pipe.