It's simple, but we make it easier by telling you exactly how to do it.


All you need is a Pipe Cutter, 5mm Allen Wrench, Marker, and Tape Measure.  This makes Maker Pipe extremely approachable and portable.  You are no longer bound by the need for electricity or battery life!

First things first, come up with a plan as to what you are looking to build. Then decide on your measurements and mark the pipe accordingly. 

Next, use your hand held pipe cutter to cut the pipe to the desired lengths.

Now, place your connector caps/sleeves in the desired locations. These locations would be anywhere you are planning on placing your connectors. The caps are for the ends of the pipe and the sleeves are for placement in the middle. 

Next, attach your connector over the connector cap/sleeve.

Fasten with your nut & bolt and tighten with your Allen/hex wrench.

Continue building using these same steps until you have completed your construction. Be sure to tighten all connectors when building is complete.

As an option to the Connection Caps/Sleeves, Maker Pipe can be easily customized with our colorful wrap.  Not only does this add style, but it also gives the pipe a "finished" look.  If you choose to personalize your build with our colorful wrap, all you will need to do is cut the wrap to match the lengths of your pipe.  Be sure to leave about ¾ inch extra on each end, so that you can fold the wrap in after it has been heated. This gives the pipe a great look and also protects surfaces from the metal conduit ends.  Use a standard heat gun (costs around $30.00) and work from one end to the other, turning the pipe as you go. When using a full length of wrap there is no need to use the connector sleeves.

Another great thing about EMT is it can be bent with a typical pipe bender (costs around $40.00) to customize and add some personality to your construction.